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We are proud to be the 1st company to be awarded ISO 9001: 2015 for flyer distribution and banner printing & installation, in the Malaysia Book of Records. Celebrating our 15th years in printing & advertising.

Bunting Printing is a cost- friendly yet very effective way to reach your target customers in both indoor and outdoor set-ups. It simply involves the printing of banners and pinning them on stands which are placed strategically to be accessed visually by target audiences from different directions.

This method of advertising utilizes space around customers and is a sure way to increase business traffic to boost sales of a product or services. Bunting printing comes in various sizes and artwork dictated by a client’s preference. At our job is to bring your ideas to life and produce high quality bunting print designs geared to market your products and services effectively all at a very budget- friendly price. Our expert- advice and high-quality work will leave you impressed and will surely impact your business advertising positively.

Take advantage of this great marketing strategy and get your business to a whole new level. Contact us today at and get your custom bunting advertisement at a friendly price.

Bunting Printing

Conventional bunting printing is still the best way to advertise as it still can be very successful in getting the attention of the masses in spite of the growing benefits of digital marketing. The most important reason of the popularity of conventional bunting is the affordability of banners in comparisons of the other forms.

We at SBS banners can make sure that all the kinds of bunting printing needs can be dealt with optimum ease. We adapt all the latest digital technologies to make bunting printing an easily accessible and widespread option for you. The biggest advantage of using our service is that you can get the best kind of marketing that too at a very affordable rate. Buntings are usually very easy to remember and people are like to remember and can be very effective way to reach to your targeted audience.

We can make sure that all the printing work is carried out considering the current industry norms and all the buntings can be printed in a very good resolution.

If you ever find yourself in any kind of printing needs then you should contact without any hesitation to get a detailed bunting printing price quotation.